Weekly Thoughts for Music Educators – Never Stop Learning!

May 1, 2021Congratulations for getting through a very challenging year!


There is much talk these days about the “heroes” that have emerged during the pandemic. During my numerous zoom calls and conference calls this past year, I have watched another set of heroes do their thing with amazing consistency. Those heroes are obviously the music educators nationwide and worldwide. I am in awe of the ways you have kept music in the life of your students, even if you had to do it 100% virtually.

Because you are all amazing, you WILL recover your programs and bring them back even stronger than before. Thank you!

Because you are amazing, you WILL continue to recruit and even re-recruit; not only your potential incoming students, but those you may have lost this past year due to the pandemic. Thank you!

Because you are amazing, you Will continue to provide opportunities for even more students to fall in love with music. Thank you!

There are many heroes out there in the world today, but music educators will forever be the heroes of those whose lives they change on a daily basis. One of my heroes was Donald P. Hoffman, my high school band director. Thank you Don, from the bottom of my heart!

Enjoy this beautiful performance of O Magnum Mysterium…